BitTorrent goes search

Bram Cohen, the maker of BitTorrent, must be a brave man. He has created a torrent search site in the main page of, probably setting himself as the next target for overzealous copyright bozos. The website does not filter materials subject to copyright protection, I just searched for “Episode […]

Google Print beta site live

So, Goggle continues its unstoppable take-over of the world (thanks to Mike Collins for the link). Google Print is the service by Google that allows users to search full text books, and also get information about books and authors, and eventually would allow you to read the entire work online. […]

Technological solutions vs Law

Countries around the world are scrambling to regulate new types of technologies and perceived threats. New legislations are being passed to attempt to curb phishing, spamming, denial of service attacks, defacement and all other sorts of dangerous and annoying practices. But with these efforts, one has to ask the question, […]

BitTorrent servers seized by the FBI

The FBI, U.S. Customs and the Department of Homeland Security (talk about overkill) have raided a BitTorrent network called EliteTorrents, and seized servers and computers, and arrested a group of “copyright thieves”. Now, if somebody goes to the EliteTorrent site, they will find a warning from the FBI. The FBI […]

Save George, boycott BitTorrent

Poor movie producers. Poor George Lucas. BitTorrent threatens the very existence of filmmakers when evil internet pirates download their movie. Yeah, right. Star Wars Episode III has come out (I loved it by the way), and it has made an astounding $158.4M in 4 days! This is now the weekend […]

Software patent debate

This is a lengthy and amazingly well-informed debate about software patents in Europe from Lessig’s blog. Seeing who the participants are, this should come as no surprise. It is nice to see some of the best proponents of software patents (I refuse to use the euphemism in vogue) argue their […]

Piracy still a problem according to BSA

So, the new report from the BSA is out with its dire warnings about how piracy is threatening the very fabric of civilisation, supports terrorism, creates unemployment and recession, and steals one sock from your sock drawer. This would be amusing if it wasn’t for the fact that the software […]

More on Google’s dominance

Two days ago I commented on the worrying developments regarding Google’s Web Accelerator. This could have serious consequences, see for example this spoof site about Google’s Content Blocker (thanks for Anne-Kathrin for the link). I recommend reading their privacy policy, where it states that “Google is committed to collecting every […]