When entertainment stops being fun

I always thought that the entertainment industry was supposed to be based on making things fun. We pay lots of money to one of the most profitable industries in the planet so that they can entertain us, make us laugh, cry and sometimes even make us think. But where has […]

Statistical fallacies in cyberspace

The blogosphere has been set alight (don’t you just love the word blogosphere?) by a report that first appeared in ZDNet about how iTunes is catching up with the “illegal” P2P networks. The report states that iTunes now has a total 1.7 million users, as much as the 2nd place […]

Open Access Law Program

This is part of the Science Commons project that encourages the adoption of open access principles in legal publishing. It seems like legal academics should be at the forefront of the open access debate by practicing those principles and negotiating harder with publishers to retain copyright and be able to […]

Ironic anti-spam site

(via Andrea Matwyshyn and Lilian Edwards). This is quite an ironic problem for an anti-spam site. The Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG) of the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) used to have a wiki, until it had to be shut down due to continuous abuse by spammers. Yes, wikis are well-known […]

Extending copyright terms

The new minister for the creative industries, James Purnell, has announced that he plans to introduce and extension to copyright terms to match those in the United States. While the article doesn’t mention it, I am guessing that this means an extension to copyright in sound recordings, which is currently […]