10 years of the web

Yahoo is celebrating its 10th birthday by launching an excellent little flash applet that celebrates the 100 most important net moments of the last decade. Yes, the visual net is now 10 years old, so we have a lot to reminisce about. There is Napster, ICANN, Jerry Garcia, Howard Dean’s scream, The “I kiss you” [...]

Lessig on moral rights

There is an interesting argument between the BBC’s Bill Thompson and Lessig. Thompson recently wrote a thoughtful paper about the great copyright debate, which amongst other things, criticised the lack of thought that Creative Commons has had regarding moral rights. Lessig has replied that moral rights are really important, but that CC licences do not [...]

Problems with open source licences

Lawrence Rosen cannot be accused of being an outspoken attacker of open source. He is one of the main advisors for the OSI, and has written a very good book on open source licences. However, he has recently expressed some lingering concerns about this licensing scheme. He describes some problems with the multiplication of open [...]

State of Play papers available online

The papers from the ground-breaking conference State of Play are now online. This conference explores the interaction between the law and computer games. Readers may be tempted to think that this is just another excuse from academics to go to a city, have a conference and ingest large quantities of cheap crust-less sandwiches. Nevertheless, there [...]

Gratuitous llama pics

As part of an agreement with the good people at IPKat, we are going to include some pictures of llamas. I hope to make this llama famous, it was a particularly photogenic one:

Costa Rica to ban VoIP

I am not sure if I should feel ashamed of this piece of news. ICE, the Costa Rican telecommunications monopoly has done some good things ensuring that large sectors of the country are connected online, but now they are hoping to ban Voice over IP (VoIP). According to them, 1 out of every 5 calls [...]

Infamously famous: Should they have privacy?

Have you seen the Numa Numa Dance? It is strangely compelling, isn’t it? But what of the guy in the video? According to this article, he is now in hiding and suffering from depression. It raises some questions about cyber-privacy, but it may have other implications. I wonder if the Romanian group has found some [...]

Popularity of Creative Commons licences

One could easily comment that Creative Commons licences are becoming very popular on the internet as they are being linked often. It is now very common to find websites that link to a Creative Commons content licence, but just how popular is this model really? The CC blog has some raw data from Yahoo about [...]

What is everybody else reading?

Citeulike lets you browse what people are reading. You can list academic articles that you find interesting so that the community can read them. Another great resource to see what is new and to attempt to stay up to date in this difficult field.

Off to spam the list with entries from SCRIPTed.


YAWN! Software patents. Again.

This is actually a very intelligent and coherent analysis of the problem of software patents and software copyright, but it fails in many levels. I know that the author does not claim to make an European software analysis, but why criticise the problem of European software patents with an American copyright analysis? The problem with [...]