Open Source water

A light story for Sunday. I met some of the people involved during the OSS 2005 Conference, led by Roland Alton-Scheidl. They are also involved with Creative Commons Austria, and have decided to release open source water. The water comes from a source in Dornbirn, Austria, that has been exploited […]

RSS implementation by Microsoft

This is an excellent article in PC Magazine (how can that co-exist with Dvorak’s now infamous article?). Microsoft is planning to implement RSS support into their future version of Internet Explorer and Windows (Windows Vista, formerly known as Longhorn). The point of the article is that this could very well […]

Legal downloads triple in 2005

The International Federation of Phonographic Industries (IFPI) has released data announcing that music downloads from licensed providers (that sounds better than legal downloads, doesn’t it?) has trippled in 2005. According to the site: Single track downloads in the US, the UK, Germany and France have risen to 180 million in […]

Ranking universities by web presence

Many of us are familiar with university rankings. There is a new index that ranks universities by their web presence. This index is achieved by a combination of factors. The first is the size, the actual amount of files in each university. Then there is the impact, which is the […]

Worst. Article. Ever.

This is perhaps the worst researched column that I have ever read. It is so wrong that it is difficult to choose from many of the statements. Here are some choice pickings: First, Creative Commons is similar to a license. No, it IS a licence. A set of licences to […]

FS v CC again

More developments in the growing war between Creative Commons and Free Software. There has been an interesting debate in the iCommons list and other lists. The growing animosity between the FS and CC camps have come to a boil at the Copyright 2005 conference, where Richard Stallman launched a fierce […]

The Software Patent debate goes on

It has been more than a week since the Commission text of the Directive on Computer Implemented Inventions was defeated 648 to 14 votes, proving that the Commission’s dodgy strategies have failed. This is already old news in the Blogoshpere, but as I missed the entire round of posts the […]

OSS goes corporate

I am back from my conference spree in Italy, and I have brought back a good number of ideas. The OSS 2005 was particularly interesting, and I was struck by the presence of many industry representatives, and particularly by the presence of people from the Business Software Alliance, Microsoft and […]

SCRIPT-ed June issue

I have finally been able to get the June issue of SCRIPTed bug free. This issue was delayed because the website has been moved to a different server. The contents of this issue are: Editorial – HUGO Ethics Committee: Ten Years On, Ruth Chadwick. Special feature – Workshop: Intellectual Property […]

OSS 2005 Conference

I am at the OSS 2005 Conference in Genova, Italy. Internet connection is a bit sketchy, so I will not be able to blog this fully. I don’t see any other lawyers present, so I am getting a bit nervous. I am going to be presenting this paper, which is […]