Snaparazzis and copyright

(Picture from Flickr) After the London bombings we are all becoming familiar with seeing snaps from passers-by using their increasingly sophisticated mobile phone cameras to take stills or even video of newsworthy events. With so many images out there – many of them with considerable commercial value – the question […]

CIE preliminary report

I just realised that I have not publicised this enough. The preliminary report of the study about the use of Creative Commons for the Common Information Environment(CIE) is now online. This report is asking whether the member institutions from the CIE can adopt CC licences. These institutions include Becta, the […]

Technological adoption: Firefox

French research firm Xiti Monitor has released some data about Firefox’s share of the market (if you haven’t been using Firefox, what are you waiting for?). Global figures for Firefox remain low, while Europe is the continent with the highest percentage of Firefox users at 14%. Of those European countries, […]

IP Criminal Enforcement Directive

The proposed EC Directive on criminal measures aimed at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights has been making the news and blogs recently. I have finally managed to read it, and it is scary. The Article 3 of the proposed directive states that: Member States shall ensure that all […]

FFII domain taken down

After their success in bringing down the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) has managed to become one of the best examples of a powerful and influential civil society organisation that has managed to educate and inform the public with regards to a complex […]

Free Software, again

It seems like Free Software advocates are actively criticising Creative Commons after Stallman has decreed that CC does not meet with the FS seal of approval. The criticisms seem to be centered on three main points: CC is not centered on ethical principles; some of the licences are not entirely […]

Where are the suits?

I have been waiting for a full-scale patent war over open source to take place in the near future. Yet, the war has not broken, other than the issuing of cease-and-desist letters to some open source projects, the war has failed to surface. I have been reading this very good […]

Network Law

This is an image taken from a discussion about emergent networks, terrorism and open source (it does make sense after you’ve read it). However, I found it interesting because it follows some research that I have been conducting regarding the application of complex network topology to the law. This graphic […]