Burning for fun and profit

So, the IFPI global piracy report is out. I must admit that the figures are extremely worrying, I must admit that while I have a liberal view of IP, people who sell burnt CDs are wrong. One thing is legitimately sharing, another to profit from other people’s work. Well, at […]

OECD music downloads report

This is a very thorough report from the OECD about music downloads. It is a rather impressive document, which attempts to bring together the latest research on the subject. I haven’t finished reading it, but the section about P2P networks is very balanced and well referenced. The result is that, […]

What price infringement?

The mother of a teenage girl who serves and downloads music online is being charged £4000 for her daughter’s infringement. This seems to be part of a clever strategy by the music industry to attack P2P networks (I will talk more about it next week after I have presented my […]

Open vs. Free again

I have been noticing a resurrection of the “open” vs “free” debate in several lists, particularly in discussions about Creative Commons. This is rather disheartening, because I have been hoping that Creative Commons could stay away from the quasi-religious debates that have been affecting the Free/Open Source camps for years. […]

Hunting piracy goes against data protection

Very interesting note about data protection and hunting for IP addresses of P2P file-sharing users. For a while now it has been felt that the efforts to gather data from P2P users could have adverse privacy implications and may infringe data protection. Now there is an official declaration from the […]

When entertainment stops being fun

I always thought that the entertainment industry was supposed to be based on making things fun. We pay lots of money to one of the most profitable industries in the planet so that they can entertain us, make us laugh, cry and sometimes even make us think. But where has […]