Libre Commons

Interesting new set of licences from some of the people at Loca Records. I like seeing new licences and ways of thinking, so congratulations to the drafters. I do have some problems with the licences though. The licence is described as “non-legal licenses that will operate in the shared space […]

Parliament report on Open Source

(via David M. Berry). This is a report on OSS by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, which is charged with offering a balanced view on key policy issues. The report is well-balanced and measured, and it comes out very strongly in favour of open source, and it even […]


So, I come back to the UK and the biggest decision in Cyberlaw in recent years has finally taken place. It was expected that the U.S. Supreme Court would produce a negative ruling against P2P manufacturers, and if one reads the press, this would seem to be the case. However, […]

This is the end…

The end of the conference is a discussion asking three questions: How communicate? How decide? Who will report? The answers are at the heart of the future of international Creative Commons. The success of the movement so far has been due to the energy and belief of a number of […]


What is Digital Rights Management? This may seem like a rather straightofward question as there is quite a lot of information already on what is a digital rights management. Yet, maybe there is not. There are many people who equate DRM with restrictive technical protection measures, yet this is inaccurate. […]

The day after

Ohhhh me head… The event yesterday finished with a lively BBQ at Charles Neeson’s house. This involved a pool, lots of beer and an international group of enthusiastic geeks. Lots of tired faces around, and blogger to blogger, I am as well.


Something cool coming out of the conference, there is no longer a show of hands to measure the popularity of an ideal or a proposal. Now proposals are put through “hummocracy”, the speaker asks the audience to hum if they agree to something. Professor Charles Nesson is giving an inspired […]

Legal questions in Creative Commons

Now we get to the nitty gritty of the conference, where some of the important legal questions are being discussed. The first question is that of moral rights. A very lively discussion has taken place regarding moral rights. There was an interesting proposal to add the right to integrity as […]