FFII domain taken down

After their success in bringing down the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive, the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) has managed to become one of the best examples of a powerful and influential civil society organisation that has managed to educate and inform the public with regards to a complex […]

Free Software, again

It seems like Free Software advocates are actively criticising Creative Commons after Stallman has decreed that CC does not meet with the FS seal of approval. The criticisms seem to be centered on three main points: CC is not centered on ethical principles; some of the licences are not entirely […]

Where are the suits?

I have been waiting for a full-scale patent war over open source to take place in the near future. Yet, the war has not broken, other than the issuing of cease-and-desist letters to some open source projects, the war has failed to surface. I have been reading this very good […]

Network Law

This is an image taken from a discussion about emergent networks, terrorism and open source (it does make sense after you’ve read it). However, I found it interesting because it follows some research that I have been conducting regarding the application of complex network topology to the law. This graphic […]

French Phishing

I have just received my first phishing email in French. Here it is: Monsieur/Madame le possesseur de carte de crédit MasterCard, Nous sommes désolés de vous informer que nous avons dû bloquer temporairement l’accès à votre carte de crédit pour avoir été avisés qu’il avait été compromis par des personnes […]

The War on Piracy

From the same people who brought us the War on Terror, and who has successfully continued to wage the War on Drugs, here comes the War on Piracy. The Commerce Secretary of the United States, Carlos Gutierrez, is appointing the new anti-piracy tsar in the United States. He commented that: […]

Open Source water

A light story for Sunday. I met some of the people involved during the OSS 2005 Conference, led by Roland Alton-Scheidl. They are also involved with Creative Commons Austria, and have decided to release open source water. The water comes from a source in Dornbirn, Austria, that has been exploited […]

RSS implementation by Microsoft

This is an excellent article in PC Magazine (how can that co-exist with Dvorak’s now infamous article?). Microsoft is planning to implement RSS support into their future version of Internet Explorer and Windows (Windows Vista, formerly known as Longhorn). The point of the article is that this could very well […]