Should academics try to engage the public?

This may seem like an odd title given the fact that I write a blog and I also have an active social media presence. But the question of public engagement is one that does come up often in academic circles, where we are increasingly encouraged to generate impact and communicate […]

Confessions of an open access editor

Since 2004 I have been the technical editor of SCRIPTed, the open access journal of Law and Technology published by the SCRIPT Centre in Edinburgh. This involvement has survived all other Edinburgh-related commitments, and has become one of the most rewarding aspects of my academic life. Every four months I […]

New beginnings

Regular readers may have noticed that I have been rather quiet for the last month or so. Besides taking a bit of a well-deserved break after a hard semester of teaching, this has been a rather busy time. Back in August 2010 I presented my resignation for the post of […]

Why do academics write?

(via Ernesto Priego) Just finished reading a delightful post by Mary Churchill entitled “Why Do Academics Write?” Highly recommended if you are an academic or interested in academia generally. While the article tells the story of academic writing from an American tenure perspective, it still resonates this side of the […]

Starcraft 101

What would be the best way to study war? Academics at the University of California at Berkley believe that the answer is through Real-time strategy game Starcraft. The course description reads: “UC Berkeley students with an interest in real-time strategy games and the competitive gaming landscape are encouraged to participate […]