More details about Windows Vista are coming out. While many aspects seem to be rather good, there will certainly some worries about some of the bundled features in the new version of Windows. One of the technologies that is making the blogosphere is the proposed BitLocker Drive Encryption. This seems to be hardware-based security solution that will allow users to lock their drives if they get lost. This would allow more security for business travelers from losing their laptops.

But the concern about this is that this may be used as the mother of all DRMs. Some of the security involved could be eventually used to lock access to certain software in the computer if the user does not produce adequate keys and passwords purchased from the vendor. This would mean ultimate control for content providers.

Would you choose better security for decreased control over your system?

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Andrew Ducker · February 16, 2006 at 5:32 pm

I think I'd choose to have the ability to encrypt things built into my operating system, and then choose not to use software that uses it in ways I disapprove of.

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