US court declares GPL is a contract

Amongst one of the most archaic legal arguments one can engage in, the question of whether free software licences are contracts or mere licences is up there with similar arcane questions about monkeys having rights. Thankfully I seem to be a specialist in those exact types of questions. A few […]

Poetic licence

I loved this version of the BSD open source licence in rhyme so much that I thought I would have to reproduce it here. NOTE: The author does not like the poem to be reproduced anywhere other than in his page (the poem is ironically posted with All Rights Reserved). […]

SSCL Lecture Eben Moglen in Edinburgh

Last Wednesday I attended Professor Eben Moglen’s lecture in Edinburgh, he is presenting here for the second time in two years. Here are some notes. (Full lecture here). Defining the problem: Software is everywhere, it’s in cars, hospitals, in buildings, and in all other sort of devices. “There is software […]

Should governments encourage open source?

As mentioned in earlier posts, Yours Truly presented at a conference in Rwanda a couple of weeks ago. The conference was attended by African IP officials, and dealt mostly with software protection topics such as software patents, open source software and standards. However, I was surprised to find that one […]

Creativity, reward and motivation

This is a great video about what makes people perform better and be more creative: One of the questions asked over and over again about open business models is precisely what makes open source work. How can Wikipedia exist? Who programs open source software? There is growing empirical evidence that […]