DRM and Region Coding encourage piracy

Small rant upcoming. So, I purchased a PS3 in Panama for use in Costa Rica (my other PS3 will not play NTSC encoded discs), and then purchased a couple of DVDs (The Social Network and 300). I get home and eagerly install the equipment only to discover that the DVD […]

Some newspapers simply do not get it

Interesting piece in TechDirt about watermarking content. The associated Press has convinced Boston newspaper Town News to adopts its watermarking service to stop people from copying and pasting content because the biggest threat to online news editions is widespread copying and plagiarism. The article says that they hope to adopt […]

Blu-ray on the PC: DRM failure

I recently bought a Blu-ray DVD player for my home PC.  I didn’t really need a Blu-ray player as the PS3 does the job admirably, but I was looking for a fast CD ripper and decided to go for the Blu-ray disc option as it was cheap and fast.  I […]

The “full extras” war against piracy

In Costa Rica the phrase “full extras” is a popular Anglicism that is used to describe a car that comes with all added extra features, and has evolved as anexpression that refers to any product loaded with perks and extras. “Full extras” was the first thought that crossed my mind […]

DRM Wars: Round Two

For a couple of years those opposed to DRM have been feeling rightly pleased with the state of affairs. Technological protection measures have proved to be unpopular with the public and with many creators, as they impose restrictions on how consumers can make use of the content they have purchased. […]

Windows 7 DRM edition

And now back to our favourite sport, Microsoft bashing. Slashdot reports some unnerving built-in features in the new MS operating system: “That Photoshop stopped functioning after we messed with one of its nag DLLs was not so much a surprise, but what was a surprise: Noting that Win7 allows programs […]

iTunes finally is DRM free

The economy is tanking, the sky is falling, locusts eat our crops, and zombies roam the streets looking for brains. So why do some of us keep obsessing with Apple’s products and services? It’s the end of the world and I feel fine I guess… Anyway, Apple is set to […]

Amazon.co.uk offers DRM-free MP3s

Finally! The DRM-free revolution has crossed the Atlantic, and Amazon’s UK site will now offer files without pesky technological protection measures in their brand new MP3 store. iTunes began the revolution with the inception of the iTunes Plus store, but I have noticed that the choice of music has not […]