Wikipedia has millions of articles, but what do people actually read? The recently created Wikipedia charts may give us a rough idea of user’s real interests. As of today, the top articles are:

1. Main Page
2. JonBenét Ramsey
3. United States
4. Wikipedia
5. Pluto
6. Irukandji jellyfish
7. Wii
8. Jeff Hardy
9. Pokémon
10. Neighbours

I find the list rather depressing, although Pluto and the Irukandji jellyfish are surprise entries, and I also have to admit that I had underestimated the popularity of both Pokémon and Neighbours. Further down the list, things get even more interesting. List of big-bust models and performers is at number 14, with List of female porn stars (19) and List of sex positions (32). Makes you think that the famous machinima is true, and the Internet is for porn.

Gaming and anime are doing really well in Wikipedia: Wii (7), Pokémon (9), Fable (20), Sasuke Uchiha (25) Final Fantasy VII (35), Red-Haired Shanks (39), Son Goku (Dragon Ball) (85) and Dragon Ball GT (92); just to mention a few. Unfortunately, wrestling is also very popular (why, oh why?).

What about technology law? The highest possible legal-tech-related article is BitTorrent at 95. Yes, nobody cares about the law…

The most disturbing articles? I’m trying to decide between the high popularity of Beverly Hills, 90210 (73), or the World Wrestling Entertainment roster (18). However, Priyanka Chopra (13) restores my faith in humanity.

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JS Hatcher · August 29, 2006 at 2:26 am

Pluto ascent on the Wikicharts should be no surprise. A recent meeting of a group of scientists announced that Pluto was no longer a planet, causing outrage among Pluto's supporters.


Andres Guadamuz · August 29, 2006 at 4:02 am

I found it surprising because not a lot of people care about Astronomy (at least in my experience). Could it be Astrologers are looking into it?

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