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Financing open projects

This week I presented at an event organised by MEP Amelia Andersotter at the European Parliament. This was a screening of three short films produced by the Blender Foundation and released under a Creative Commons licence. I was already familiar with some of Blender’s work, the excellent Elephants Dream (the Read more…

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Confessions of an open access editor

Since 2004 I have been the technical editor of SCRIPTed, the open access journal of Law and Technology published by the SCRIPT Centre in Edinburgh. This involvement has survived all other Edinburgh-related commitments, and has become one of the most rewarding aspects of my academic life. Every four months I Read more…

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WIPO and the future of copyright

I’ve read with great interest the text of a presentation by Dr Francis Gurry to the Blue Sky Conference: Future Directions in Copyright Law, held in Queensland at the end of February. Dr Gurry is the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation, and I believe that his presentation Read more…

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(via Carlos Solís) This one is self-explanatory. One of my favourite observations about the copyright wars comes from Tim O’Reilly, who commented that “Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors and creative artists than piracy.” In the words of Cory Doctorow, you cannot monetize obscurity. Nina Paley (of Sita Read more…

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Belgian Court recognises CC licences

Professor Séverine Dussollier of the University of Namur has emailed us to let us know about a new case involving Creative Commons in Belgium, and has kindly agreed to allow me to repeat her short analysis of the case here. She writes: A Belgian court today has applied the CC Read more…

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