Interesting eBay case

Grace v eBay is a new case in California (where else?) that is posing some interesting questions about intermediary liability, unfair contract clauses and online defamation. The case was brought by Roger Grace, an eBay seller who was subjected to a defaming campaign by another eBay user, who bought several […]

European domain name goes live

(Warning: The link requires registration. Are your tired of all of those sites that require registration? Why not use Bugmenot?). The Times Law section has a great article about the registration process for the .eu top level domain name. The registration process will be in phases. In phase one those […]

Music download case in Australia

This is a new case against a site that offered MP3 music. The problem is that the article is not clear on the type of technlogy that was being used to serve the files. It seems that the accused was not serving files, but was offering hyperlinks to other sites […]

Wikipedia Rulez, OK?

Seems like Wikipedia has finally been discovered by the mainstream, the article in The Guardian actually does a decent job in describing the strenghts and weaknesses of the encyclopedia. Wikipedia is a great resource because the articles are written, edited and updated by the users. This makes it extremely up-to-date, […]

CD sales and music downloads

This is an oldish study, but we believe that it deserves all of the attention that it can get. The study analyses the economic impact to CD sales of music downloads. The study confirms what many of us music downloaders already knew (I hope that the BPI doesn’t sue me). […]

Fun eBay listings.

eBay has been a lot in the news recently with reports of some rather interesting listings. There is the great one about a guy in Aberdeen flogging a wedding invite: Everything is being sold on eBay these days, but one should always look at the lenghthy list of restricted items. […]

Windows v Linux in security

The Register reports on a new study that attempts to settle once and for all the Linux v Windows security debate. Unsurprisingly, Linux comes out smelling of roses, while Windows is attacked for having a bad track record in fixing vulnerabilities. This would seem quite straightforward, telling us stuff that […]

Dream job!

Yes, there is somebody who has a better job than me. No, I am not talking about being an actuary, which is supposed to be one of the best jobs in the USA (and confirms my general impression about the mental soundness of some people who live in the land […]

New Accronym

I hadn’t heard this one before: DDoS. This means distributed denial of service, which is being used to attack sick servers that are being used to serve child pornography. It works in a similar manner to the distributed computing technology of [email protected], where users pool their collective idle processor power […]

Phishing blues

The BBC reports that phishing is on the increase, spearheaded by hi-jacked computers that serve emails. This vulnerability happens from virus attacks that exploit several Windows vulnerabilities and leave computers open to hacker manipulation. I promise to migrate to Linux when I get my *!ӣ$%& wireless card to work.