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The danger of filter bubbles

(via Mathias Klang) I highly recommend this excellent video about filter bubbles: The filter bubble was a phenomenon that was described in its early shape by Cass Sunstein in his seminal, where he narrates the rise of the Daily Me, an information filter where people hear only what they Read more…

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Aggregators and the long tail of content

I have recently become the proud owner of a wireless Kindle 3G eBook reader. I have always been comfortable reading content on a screen, and getting an electronic reader makes sense. The ebook market is exploding, and with the popularisation of tablet devices I suspect that we are about to Read more…

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Open source

Creativity, reward and motivation

This is a great video about what makes people perform better and be more creative: One of the questions asked over and over again about open business models is precisely what makes open source work. How can Wikipedia exist? Who programs open source software? There is growing empirical evidence that Read more…

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Digital Economy Bill passes

So, what many suspected has come to pass, our deepest fears confirmed and one of the worst possible texts adopted. The Digital Economy Bill has gone through the wash-up process in the very last day of this Parliament. I am expecting others to go into the detail of what is Read more…

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Quis custodiet Wikileaks?

Thanks to yesterday’s post about Wikileaks, the BBC World Service invited me to their program “World Have Your Say“. If you are bored, you can find the program here as a podcast. I’m on after 30 minutes or so (note to self: eloquence is not your forte, stick to writing). Read more…

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Twitter: the conference killer ap

I have written before about my growing appreciation for Twitter. It is possible to over-state the importance of the technology, but it has become an important communication tool. I would not go as far as to call it revolutionary, but there can be little doubt that it has changed the Read more…

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