Andres Guadamuz

Cat selfies: the next copyright battle?

I admit that I am currently obsessed with non-human copyright. First monkey selfies, then I am writing an article on artificial intelligence and copyright. Now enter Manny, a cat that loves taking selfies with a GoPro camera. According to one site: “The gray kitty is fascinated by his human’s GoPro cameras. […]

Cyberlaw April Fool’s Day 2015

Every year we are presented with some truly delightful April Fool’s Day stories, and this year we have had quite a nice crop of Cyberlaw-related articles. Here are my favourites. The Alsace Pirate Party will become the Panda Party (in French): “…it is clear that the image “pirate” sometimes has […]

April’s Fools update

It’s time for this year’s April’s Fools update. One of my favourite days in the tech calendar, as geeks don their silly hats and allow their imaginations to run loose. Down in New Zealand, TPP Watch were the first off the start blocks with the news that the text for […]

We, the grumpy old Web

We built the Web. Ha! The “we” thing is a bit annoying. The “us versus them” is even more annoying, nearing on the condescending. Some of us actually spend enough time online to understand some of your grievances. Spot on about needless and inefficient bureaucracy, but you don’t need to […]

April’s Fools in Tech Roundup

I love April’s Fools, the mischievous nature of some jokes played over the years always manages to bring a small smile to my face. Here are this year’s Top 5: xkcd in 3D. The entire xkcd catalogue converted to 3D! Spotify closes European operations to fund its US incursion. This […]

Looking for buzzwords

I’ve been reading with interest about the keruffle involving Tech Crunch writer Alexia Tsotis and Summit Entertainment film studio about a comment published in that popular blog about a new Jake Gyllenhaall film called Source Code. Apparently Tsotis called the PR for the film a “buzzwordgasm”, as ccording to Summit […]

When bots go shopping

Habitual readers will know of my love and appreciation for xkcd, it inspires and awes those of us of lesser wit and intellect in equal measure. Now xkcd #576, entitled “Packages” has inspired a very practical application. Programmer Paul Hunkin has created a Python script that searches $1 NZD items […]