Becky Hogge from the always excellent Open Rights Group has reminded me that their support ORG party will take place next Wednesday 11 April. Details about the venue, how to get there, times and other questions can be found here.

Becky also has reminded me of the most excellent raffle they’re running. What’s in display is an astounding range of geeky goodies, including the chance to be written into Cory Doctorow’s next novel, a keyboard signed by the one and only geek god Neil Gaiman, a signed-copy of the Gowers Review for the law geeks, signed copies of Lawrence Lessig’s Code v2 and Bruce Schneier’s Beyond Fear, and other nice goodies.

I’ve bought four raffle tickets already because all prizes are tremendously appealing to me, but I’m particularly hoping to win the signed copy of the Gowers Review. Yes, I’m THAT sad…

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