Colleague and friend Jordan Hatcher has requested me to reproduce this notice.

Use of open content licences by cultural heritage organisations

The Eduserv Foundation is funding a study into the use of Creative Archive, Creative Commons and similar open content licences by cultural heritage organisations in the United Kingdom. The study is being led by legal consultant Jordan Hatcher of The survey is available here:

This survey is open to UK-based cultural heritage organisations such as museums, libraries, galleries, archives, film and video organisations, broadcasters, and other organisations that conduct cultural heritage activities.

The goal of this study is to provide information on the actual use of Creative Archive, Creative Commons, and similar licences. This information will be useful to decision makers and interested professionals in the cultural heritage sector, and for local and national government and the HE and FE sector. The study will be conducted from now through to the middle of September and a report will be made available in October.

If you are a member of a cultural heritage organisation, whether or not you currently use Creative Commons or Creative Archive licences (or even know what they are!), your participation is needed to make this study a success.

Again, the survey is available at:

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More about the project

You can learn more about the project and read the original research proposal at our homepage:

If you would like to take part via post or telephone, or are interested in finding out more about the study, please contact Ed Barker and Jordan Hatcher at
phone +44 (0) 125 474328

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