Web archiving woes

Read a very interesting article by Wired UK about web archiving. In my experience, one only need utter the word “archive” and audiences the world over will be immediately sent to sleep. Although by now Read more…

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SSRN Revolution

For those unfamiliar with SSRN, it is one of the most important research resources that I use to find articles that are otherwise not easily available online. SSRN relies on authors making their articles available Read more…

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WTO and GM

Biotechnology news now. A dispute panel at the WTO has ruled that European restrictions on GM imports contravene global trade rules. This dispute was initiated in 2003 by the United States (DS291), Canada (DS292) and Read more…

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Patenting Lives Conference

patentingLIVES Law, Culture, Development 1-2 December 2005 London, United Kingdom Clore Management Centre, 25–27 Torrington Square, London WC1 A 2 day international and interdisciplinary conference on life patents An exploration of the ethical, cultural, social, Read more…

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