Is Portugal about to make Creative Commons illegal?

Through Twitter we have learned a staggering new development in Portugal, which threatens Creative Commons licences and other open content licensing schemes. According to several reports, the Portuguese Socialist Party is announcing that it will push for a reform to its copyright legislation that will make economic rights inalienable and […]

Behind BIOS – Interview with Richard Jefferson

Richard Poynder has emailed me a link from an interview with Richard Jefferson, founder of the Biological Innovation for Open Society (BIOS), an Austrlian initiative on the use of open source licensing and principles in the biological sciences. There is a longer version of the interview available under a Creative […]

SSRN Revolution

For those unfamiliar with SSRN, it is one of the most important research resources that I use to find articles that are otherwise not easily available online. SSRN relies on authors making their articles available in PDF format. Why should anyone make their articles available online? Because SSRN uses the […]

The Economist on open source

(thanks to Nicolas Jondet for the link) This is a good article in The Economist about open source business models. The article goes through everything open, from source code to biotechnology, interviewing key experts. The article states that: “Perhaps that is why open source is taking up a permanent place […]

WTO and GM

Biotechnology news now. A dispute panel at the WTO has ruled that European restrictions on GM imports contravene global trade rules. This dispute was initiated in 2003 by the United States (DS291), Canada (DS292) and Argentina (DS293), but I find it amusing that the press only is commenting how this […]

What does Nature’s Wikipedia study reveal?

This week Nature published a study on the reliability of Wikipedia in comparison to the Britannica encyclopaedia. 50 science articles were chosen from both encyclopaedias and send for “blind” peer review. The result from 42 returned usable reviews: Britannica turned up 123 errors, and Wikipedia 162. In regards to this […]

Patenting Lives Conference

patentingLIVES Law, Culture, Development 1-2 December 2005 London, United Kingdom Clore Management Centre, 25–27 Torrington Square, London WC1 A 2 day international and interdisciplinary conference on life patents An exploration of the ethical, cultural, social, legal, and scientific questions 1 December 2005 Opening Session: Tony Howard, UK Patent Office Human […]