Can robots break the law?

An interesting case has been developing in recent weeks, which might lead us to look at liability of artificial intelligence agents. A Swiss art collective named !Mediengruppe Bitnik has created a web bot that trawls marketplaces in the darknet armed with a number of bitcoins, and then displays the purchases […]

Augmented reality law

IT lawyers are always looking for the Next Big Legal Thing (and they also like grandiose generalizations, but I digress).  From ebooks to iPods, you can always find an article describing the latest gadget in legal terms. For people involved in this area of law, it is always important to […]

The Daily: Will it work?

So, Rupert Murdoch is going to revolutionise news media with The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper. The Daily will come as a subscription-based app that will deliver news in a flowing fashion, it will feature news from other NewsCorp enterprises (urgh, The Sun and Fox News), but it will also […]

Will the ebook kill the book?

Finished reading yet another semi-Luddite piece against e-books in today’s Guardian. The author says: “The valedictories for what is now disdainfully called “dead tree publishing” may be similarly premature. The lessons from history are that technological progress is uneven, that consumers are often sceptical of techno-hype, and that new technologies […]

Geolocation, sex and innovation

During this year’s GikII, I presented a paper exploring some legal issues about augmented reality. We may be in the threshold of a revolution in the way we interact with mobile devices, with geolocation technology becoming more sophisticated, location-aware devices and services are increasingly relevant. The rise of Gowalla, FourSquare […]