Cool, now all I need is an iPad

So, Rupert Murdoch is going to revolutionise news media with The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper. The Daily will come as a subscription-based app that will deliver news in a flowing fashion, it will feature news from other NewsCorp enterprises (urgh, The Sun and Fox News), but it will also feature its own content.Jemima Kiss from The Guardian does an excellent job of going through it giving us a first look here.

I haven’t tried it, I have repeatedly stated that I will not be getting an iPad at least until the second generation is out (never buy 1st gen Apple products), but I also want to see the evolution of the Android tablets. And that is where I think The Daily will fail. Sure, Apple is cool now, but Android is quickly overtaking the iPhone, and as the happy owner of a beautiful HTC Desire Z, I can vouch for the operating system, and would love to see it implemented in a tablet. So far, it seems like Murdoch is betting all or nothing on the iPad, and I think that will be its downfall.

I am also sceptical about whether people will buy a digital newspaper for the iPad. But then again, I have been wrong before, I thought the iPad was going to tank.

Well, the name is still silly.

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Jose Otero · February 3, 2011 at 4:36 pm

Although the HTC is overtaking the iPhone in sales it should be considered that in most countries the iPhone is only sold by one mobile carrier. When comparing iPhones sales from one carrier vs. HTC sales from another carrier the story completely changes.

I want to clarify that I'm not stating that the iPhone is a better or worse product than the HTC (I'm a Blackberry user), but it certainly carries with it a certain glamour that the HTC still lacks.

Now that Verizon Wireless in the US will be selling the iPhone (CDMA version) and ATT stops prioritizing this handset we might start to see a new trend developing. In terms of The Daily, there are so many subscription free services that one can obtain by email that I'm not seeing the viability of having an iPad specific product.

Cheers, JFO

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