Forget Bitcoin, the blockchain is where it’s at

My scepticism towards Bitcoin is well-documented. While I really like the idea of decentralized payment systems and cryptocurrencies, the current implementation of Bitcoin has too many question marks for my liking. While the BTC exchange rate has been going up recently, in part prompted by a bit of hype arising […]

Bitcoin regulatory developments

After some bad news for the Bitcoin world, including the demise of its former largest exchange, may be reaching a mature stage. Bitcoin’s price continues to swing wildly, in the last 60 days the price has been in the range of $420-580 USD. Such currency instability has been one of […]

Will lack of regulation kill Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has continued to rise in price, if not in adoption. Other than small services here and there, commerce is justifiably sceptical about using it as a means of exchange. Where BTC has been generating news is in its price, and there it has shown that some people will invest […]