The war on storage?

As usual, xkcd makes an excellent point:

With sizes of up to 64GB contained in a tiny card the size of a coin, I wonder why the content industries are not concentrating more on such storage devices, and continue to insist that the war on piracy is an online endeavour.  When I can copy my entire music collection and place it in a small USB key, or a MicroSD card, P2P seems like a hassle.

PS:  Andrew, I copied the Alt text this time 🙂

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  1. Cory Doctorow frequently goes on about the hard drive parties in US dorms where students would drag their machines across campus to sync them. Faster that the internet, and incidentally less traceable.

    I've seen that happen a couple of times in "the real world" recently too, with people deciding that transferring this much data by the net is just not practical at the moment, but next time they pop round …

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