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Oh dear, so Apple has released a new product, and the techie blogosphere has gone crazy.  The early verdict seems negative, with various people pointing out the many features that it does not have, but to me Hitler sums it up nicely when he says that it is an over-sized iPod (Downfall videos, still funny).  And not to mention the fact that the name has brought about much smirking and the inevitable comparisons with female sanitary products (check out this prophetic video from MadTV). To me the is no dilemma, I never buy first generation of any technology.  Problem solved.

Given the many problems with the iPad, I guessed that not even the hardened pro-Apple brigade would be defending it, but I was wrong.  The problem apparently is that we are suffering from future shock, according to one commentator.  Errr… no, we just do not like the product.  I am surprised that someone still takes Toffler seriously, let alone have the temerity to argue that we are collectively in shock of the awesomeness of the new product, so all the negative vibes are just people in denial.  Computing is inherently broken and Saint Steve has come to solve it, he is just way ahead of the curve on this one and we will eventually be using iPads.  No thank you, I’ll stay with my Android phone and my iPod Touch, thank you very much.

Then there is this monumentally arrogant piece.  The author talks about a generational divide between the Old Worlders and the New Worlders, a distinction as wrong and artificial as that “digital native”  nonsense.  The author first tells us that the iPad is part of a revolution in computing, and that we must simply put up with all of its short-comings in the name of “the ideal”.  Then it gives a lot of examples where technologies changed radically, and sets straw men critics and then knocks them down.  “They” wanted to keep the floppy!  No, “they” didn’t.  I hate this type of argument, it is the same lazy fallacy spouted by goons all over the internet: “they laughed at Galileo!” they say as if that will immediately validate their ideas.  Well, yes, they also laughed at Bozo the Clown…

To me the choice is simple.  Does the gadget do what I want it to do, or does it not?  If the answer is negative, I’ll just wait.  Is it possible that the naysayers are wrong?  Sure, the iPad might really be the revolution they say it will be.  Personally I will not buy one until they solve some of the issues.  I don’t want a big iPod Touch, I’m happy with mine.

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