Intellectual property and fashion

(via Nigel Jones) There is no better way to start the week than with some thought-provoking yet light TED talk. Johanna Blakley explains how the fashion industry has managed to survive without copyright protection. The ideas in this video are refreshing and important, although it contains a couple of mistakes […]

How to use non-commercial content commercially

Non-commercial clauses in Creative Commons licences tend to be a controversial subject in open licensing circles. Creative Commons has released a sizeable and comprehensive report on the non-commercial definition that answers everything you ever wanted to know about NC. Still, a good number of people in the open camp insist […]

National Portrait Gallery copyright row

Several news sites have reported an interesting copyright case involving the Wikimedia Foundation and the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in Britain. The NPG undertook a £1 million GBP digitisation exercise, and placed high-definition versions of their pictures in a database locked with technological protection measures. Derrick Coetzee, a volunteer for […]