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  • Copyright Management for Open Collaborative Projects –Inbound Licensing Models for Open Innovation
    Catharina Maracke, pp.140-148
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Dedicated Section on Open Collaborative Projects

  • Drafting Options for Contributor Agreements for Free and Open Source Software: Assignment, (Non)Exclusive Licence and Legal Consequences. A Comparative Analysis of German and US Law 
    Tim Engelhardt, pp.149-176
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  • Internationalisation of FOSS Contributory Copyright Assignments and Licenses: Jurisdiction-Specific or “Unported”?
    Axel Metzger
    , pp.177-206
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  • Comparative Analysis of copyright assignment and licence formalities for Open Source Contributor Agreements
    Andres Guadamuz and Andrew Rens, pp.207-230
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Reviewed Articles

  • Governance, Social Media and The Cybercitizen – Always in Motion is the Future
    Andrew Power, pp.231-245
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  • The European Unified Patent Court: Assessment and Implications of the Federalisation of the Patent System in Europe
    Dimitris Xenos, pp.246-277
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  • Football Dataco v Sportradar: Second half and home field for database makers
    Perttu Virtanen, pp.278-287
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    The Court of Justice of the European Union gave a preliminary ruling in Football Dataco Ltd v Sportradar GmbH and Others on the jurisdiction of the Courts on matters concerning the sui generis database protection.  The previous Dataco case concerning copyright protection of databases, had been decided by the Court of Justice  in the same year, however in this instance  the solution focused essentially  on the Court’s jurisdiction  in  the online environment which pivoted on the question of where the claimed extraction or re-utilization was deemed to occur.


  • 9th International Conference on Internet, Law and Politics (IDP 2013). Big Data: Challenges and Opportunities. Report
    Mariona Rosell Llorens, pp.288-295
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Book Reviews

  • Copyright and Mass Digitization 
    By Maurizio Borghi and Stavroula Karapapa
    Reviewed by Giulia Dore
    , pp.296-300
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  • Regulation And The Performance Of Communication And Information Networks 
    By Gerald R Faulhaber, Gary Madden and Jeffrey Petchey (eds)
    Reviewed by David Stewart
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  • Enforcement Of Intellectual Property Rights Through Border Measures: Law And Practice In The EU
    By Olivier Vrins and Marius Schneider (eds)
    Reviewed by Riccardo Sciaudone
    , pp.304-306
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