The September 2006 issue of SCRIPTed is now online. In this issue:

– From child porn to China, in one Cleanfeed; Lilian Edwards.

Peer-reviewed articles:
– Affidavit Evidence and Electronically Generated Materials in Nigerian Courts; Andrew I. Chukwuemerie.
– Parasiteware: Unlocking Personal Privacy; Daniel B. Garrie and Rebecca Wong.
– Regulating the Digital Television Infrastructure in the EU. Room for Citizenship Interests? Eliza Varney.

– Markets in Tradition – Traditional Agricultural Communities in Italy and the Impact of GMOs; Johanna Gibson.

Book Reviews:
– On the Origin of the Right to Copy: Charting the Movement of Copyright Law in Eighteenth-century Britain (1695-1775); Ronan Deazley. Reviewed by Ross Gilbert Anderson.
– CODE: Collaborative Ownership and the Digital Economy, Rishab Aiyer Ghosh (editor). Reviewed by Colm Brannigan.
– Art and Cultural Heritage: Law Policy and Practice, Barbara T. Hoffman (editor). Reviewed by Simon Stokes.


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