The March 2007 issue of SCRIPTed is now live. In this issue:

The internet and security: do we need a man with a red flag walking in front of every computer? Lilian Edwards.

Peer-reviewed Special Issue – Creating Commons:

  • Introduction to the Special Issue, Graham Greenleaf.
  • Finding and Quantifying Australia’s Online Commons, Ben Bildstein.
  • Simplification and Consistency in Australian Public Rights Licences, Catherine Bond.
  • Business Models to Support Content Commons, Roger Clarke.
  • Creative Commons – The Next Generation: Creative Commons licence use five years on, Jessica Coates.
  • The Future Of Fair Dealing In Australia: Protecting Freedom Of Communication, Melissa de Zwart.
  • Creating commons by friendly appropriation, Graham Greenleaf.
  • Cooperative Intellectual Property in Biotechnology, Dianne Nicol.


  • An Electronic Health Record for Scotland: Legal Problems Regarding Access and Maintenance, Renate Gertz.

Book Review:

  • The WTO, The Internet and Trade in Digital Products: EC-US Perspectives, by Sacha Wunsch-Vincent. Reviewed by Katia Bodard.


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