Some very good papers at the conference, I’ve been enjoying the excellent scholarship on offer, although practically none of it is legal. Interdisciplinary conferences can be tiring and challenging, but you are always open to an entirely different way of thinking. Some papers I’ve particularly enjoyed:

– Evolution of Open Source Communities
Michael Weiss, Gabriella Moroiu, Ping Zhao

– Beyond Low-Hanging Fruit: Seeking the Next Generation in FLOSS Data Mining
Megan Conklin

– Impact Of OSS On Social Networks
Communication Networks in an Open Source Software Project
Jeffrey Roberts, Il-Horn Hann, Sandra Slaughter

– Impact Of Social Ties On Open Source Project Team Formation
Jungpil Hahn, Jae Yun Moon, Chen Zhang

– Social dynamics of free and open source team communications
James Howison, Keisuke Inoue, Kevin Crowston

Another great find has been FLOSSmole, a research tool that offers raw data on open source projects.


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