OSS 2005 Conference

I am at the OSS 2005 Conference in Genova, Italy. Internet connection is a bit sketchy, so I will not be able to blog this fully.

I don’t see any other lawyers present, so I am getting a bit nervous. I am going to be presenting this paper, which is very small comment on some of the latest legal developments. Unfortunately, it came out after last week’s vote on the CII Directive, so it is already outdated. The conference is extremely interesting so far. It is mostly a developer conference, which is really interesting because will be getting a better idea of the problems faced by the people in the trenches.

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  1. It's good to be in another discipline. I felt a bit like a loner in the AHRB copyright network as I was the non-lawyer, but then you get asked cool questions you don't expect.David

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