(Thanks to Burkard for the link). Do you ever ask yourself WWLD (What Would Linus Drive?) Meet OScar, the first open source car project. Can open source ideals be brought to design and eventually manufacture a car? The people at the OScar project think they can. They are bringing together designers, drivers and assorted technical people to create the first open source car. All the design contributions are from volunteers, and all the documentation is openly shared via the website. All aspects of the project are discussed in the forums, from the engine of choice to how many wheels should it have. It seems counter-intuitive to try to get a car designed by committee, but it could work.

I do have several questions being the unimaginative lawyer that I am. What licence will it be released under? Maybe a new licence is in order, what about the General Public Transport Licence? The Mobility Public Licence? Can the car be copyleft? Will it turn right? Will Stallman approve? After all, it is not the Free Software Car, is it?

Joking aside, this seems like a great idea and I wish them the best of luck. I don’t own a car, but if I did, it would be an OScar.

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