If you follow Yours Truly in any sort of social media available you will know by now that my book entitled Networks, Complexity and Internet Regulation: Scale-Free Law has been published by Edward Elgar. The book has its own page on this blog, and is now available for purchase at e-commerce retailers, or directly from the publisher. There is an e-book version, but alas, not on Kindle as the publishers have assured me that Amazon offers rather bad terms. The book is offered under a Creative Commons licence, although the copyright page in my copy does not seem to reflect this fully and the publishers have added a generic “All Rights Reserved” copyright notice although I drafted a different one. I guess CC is still not that well-known.

For those who are thinking of getting the book, I apologise in advance for the price, it is beyond my control. To whet your appetite, here is a file with all of the images used in the book in colour (where available) and the highest resolution I could find. Here is also the book´s brochure. Enjoy.


I have been contacted by the editors, who acknowledge that there has been an error in the printed copyright page, this is because my book is their first Creative Commons book. At some point in the printing procedure someone probably slapped the generic All Rights Reserved notice instead of my suggested text. Edward Elgar will in future change their procedure so that this doest happen again. Similarly, they have kindly agreed to give rreaders of this blog a 20% discount on the book from their site. Yes, you read correctly, twenty percent! The code to redeem the discount is “Guadamuz20”.

Thanks to Edward Elgar for this amazing response, they have really treated me superbly.

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Graeme West · January 8, 2012 at 10:09 pm


I shall pick up a copy in paperback when it comes out (any date on that?)

Unless you want to send IFOSSLR a review copy 😉



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