Interesting new set of licences from some of the people at Loca Records. I like seeing new licences and ways of thinking, so congratulations to the drafters.

I do have some problems with the licences though. The licence is described as “non-legal licenses that will operate in the shared space that can non-bureaucratically and non-instrumentally be formed resisting law, the intellectual property regime and state violence.” Fine, but if they are not really licences, then what are they? In the Creative Friends mailing list some of the proponents have called it an anti-licence, someone else called it apseudo-licence. What does it mean? The licences are supposed to be a political and social movement that does not rely on the “law or legal fictions“. Fair enough, but why call it a licence? It is not a licence, it is a manifesto, a declaration or a pamphlet.

I am also confused by the objectives and the target audience. It seems to me that the target audience is a certain type of well-educated political activist that can understand the intricacies of the language, and therefore the target is not the mainstream. Such exercises strike me as slightly elitist, but we will see how it pans out.


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