Unless you are living under a rock (or don’t care about these sort of things), you will know that Google has purchased the popular video website YouTube for a staggering $1.65 billion USD (about £880 million GBP in real money).

Only The Guardian has picked up on one of the interesting implications of this purchase. Google may also be buying the very large copyright liability concerns that seem to follow YouTube. Back in July a journalist sued YouTube, a case that is ongoing. Analysts have indicated that YouTube’s copyright position is quite strong, as it takes down content after complaints, and it also offers plenty of advice to its users on uploading copyright material. Despite these warnings, YouTube is filled with infringing material, from the latest clip from The Daily Show to commercials, news reports and documentaries. However, YouTube has managed to avoid litigation because it has yet to make any money, despite getting 100 million videos served per day. Now that Google owns it, it would be possible that copyright owners will be encouraged and file suits based on the fact that they may get some return.

Talking of the Daily Show, have a look at this clip on net neutrality.


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