Gikii programme and registration now open

Sun, Sand, and Gikii

The registration for the next edition of Gikii, the Geek Law conference, is now open.

This is shaping up to be a very strong programme! I’m loving some of the papers, and I predict a showdown with Judith Rauhofer (mwahahahaha).

Some of the papers that I’m looking forward to the most are:

  • Sylvia Allouche (Bristol), “Alternative constitutions (bodies and laws) in science­-fictional feminist techno-utopias”.
  • Kim Barker (Birmingham), “The Batmobile -The IP Law of The Comic?”
  • Mehren Behrensen (Linkoping University Sweden) and Ville Kainu (University of Turku Finland), “From Butt Sliders  to the  Gender Matrix:  Inclusive and Interactive Avatar Choices as Catalysts of Change”.
  • Catherine Easton  (Lancaster), “Welcome to the  Monkey  House: Accessibility and equality through the eyes  of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.”.
  • Judith  Rauhofer (Edinburgh), “Scientific progress goes ‘boink’ – Regulation, technological determinism and the BORG complex”.
  • Burkhard Schafer (Edinburgh), “Virtual punishment for real crimes – a way  to virtuous reality? Jurisprudential reflections on lain  Bank’s ‘Surface Detail'”.

I’m being unfair picking a few papers though, the programme really looks quite interesting.

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