Sun, Sand, and Gikii

The registration for the next edition of Gikii, the Geek Law conference, is now open.

This is shaping up to be a very strong programme! I’m loving some of the papers, and I predict a showdown with Judith Rauhofer (mwahahahaha).

Some of the papers that I’m looking forward to the most are:

  • Sylvia Allouche (Bristol), “Alternative constitutions (bodies and laws) in science­-fictional feminist techno-utopias”.
  • Kim Barker (Birmingham), “The Batmobile -The IP Law of The Comic?”
  • Mehren Behrensen (Linkoping University Sweden) and Ville Kainu (University of Turku Finland), “From Butt Sliders  to the  Gender Matrix:  Inclusive and Interactive Avatar Choices as Catalysts of Change”.
  • Catherine Easton  (Lancaster), “Welcome to the  Monkey  House: Accessibility and equality through the eyes  of Kurt Vonnegut Jr.”.
  • Judith  Rauhofer (Edinburgh), “Scientific progress goes ‘boink’ – Regulation, technological determinism and the BORG complex”.
  • Burkhard Schafer (Edinburgh), “Virtual punishment for real crimes – a way  to virtuous reality? Jurisprudential reflections on lain  Bank’s ‘Surface Detail'”.

I’m being unfair picking a few papers though, the programme really looks quite interesting.


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