This year’s Gikii took place in London hosted by the always marvellous Andrea Matwyshyn. As usual, there were more cat slides than a cat video convention, and as always some amazing presentations and thought-provoking interventions. And some good-natured heckling of course.

Some of the papers are now online, you’ll just have to imagine the cat jokes that accompany them.

Jon Crowcroft, The Internet of Things: What could possibly go wrong?

Nic Terry, On the Internet Everyone Knows Your Heart Rate

Darren Read, On the Internet, Everybody Knows You’re Not a Dog (With a Bad Credit Rating)

Andelka Phillips, I should probably tell the fridge to stop looking at me because the toaster is getting jealous

Philip Howard, The Internet of Things Is Your New Constitution (Even if Your Country Didn’t Have One Or You Preferred the Previous One)

Chris Marsden, Zuck Off! How Facebook’s chimp privacy policies exploit our inner bonobos

Edina Harbinja, Google as Stalker and Deep Mind as the Zone

Trevor Callaghan, Coal mining at the edge of the singularity

Damian Clifford, But how does that make you feel? Errrhh I dunno, ask the computer!


Tristan Henderson, From machine learning to precrime: prediction, consent and Tom Cruise

Stephanie Pell, You Can’t Always Get What You Want: How Will Law Enforcement Get What it Needs in a Post-Snowden, Cybersecurity-centric Encryption Era? (with added kitten)

Jen Ellis, Meowssenaar: A revised Wassenaar framework as told by cats

Elinor Carmi, Catch me if you can, Mmmm K? Lessons from South Park on the evolution of online advertising and its regulation.

Paul Bernal, Troubles with Trollhunting?

Caroline Wilson, Web Observatories and legal and ethical best practice: avoiding Ronald Dahl’s The Magic Finger

Wendy Grossman/Jon Crowcroft, Anti-doping Theater

Ren Reynolds, The Virtual Policy Network

Shane P McNamee, All Your Game Are Belong to Us

Alison Harcourt, Memes about Emes: the digital rights movement goes to the W3C

Rebecca Giblin, The musical copyright dystopia

Andres Guadamuz, There’s a Rattata in my Frittata! Pokémon Go and the protection of virtual spaces.



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