In September 2006, panGloss and yours truly organised the first GikII workshop, a tremendously entertaining gathering of like-minded people willing to discuss the interface between geek culture and the law. The resulting workshop provided a look at the virtual personality of avatars; legal aspects of fandom, anime and even hentai; privacy in the novels of Harry Potter; technophobia as a drive for regulation; the ecological impact of computing; and more mentions to the three laws of robotics than you could ever expect in a legal workshop.

We are officially announcing GikII 2 for September 19 2007 at University College London. The cost of the workshop is £30 GBP ($326 Croatian Kuna). There should be an online registration form shortly. Because we’re trying to be all Web 2.0, you can also join the group on Facebook, which already has 19 members.

And you know what they say, the geek shall inherit the earth. Did I get that right?

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