I believe that in the future, when I look back on this week, the first image that will spring is one of bone-crunching tiredness. Of course, this is mostly self-inflicted, but I digress. I had been warned by people more experienced than me that this was to be expected.

So, how did the conference go? In my own biased view, despite relative low attendance due to the “liquids on a plane” scare, and one self-deprecating joke too many, the conference has proceeded well, particularly content-wise. I measure conferences on participation and the amount of questions raised by the presenters, and from the very start we had excellent questions and a good amount of discussion, so much that I had to bring the conference to a close when people still wanted to keep talking at 6.15 on Friday night!

There have been very few disappointing presentations, and the vast majority have been interesting, good or even ranging on brilliant. I was able to attend most of the presentations, and I’ve been very happy about the level.

Update: There were several bloggers present at the conference, so you may want to look at their unbiased take on the workshop and conference. Nic Suzor has complete coverage (including photographic evidence that I can still dance); Abbe Brown; Ian Brown; Fernando Barrio; Pedro Canut; Andrew Adams; Daithí Mac Síthigh; and Thomas Otter.

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