New beginnings

Regular readers may have noticed that I have been rather quiet for the last month or so. Besides taking a bit of a well-deserved break after a hard semester of teaching, this has been a rather busy time. Back in August 2010 I presented my resignation for the post of Read more…


The Internet is dangerous

I am in Jordan for a WIPO workshop. One of the interesting aspects of being in the Middle East is the presence of a more controlled Internet, and although Jordan’s Internet filtering is light when compared to some of its neighbours, I have encountered some interesting architectural features that seem Read more…


On the road

Apologies for the lack of updates, if you follow me on Twitter you will know that I have been on the road since last week, first in Alicante and now in Rwanda. I have picked up several interesting blog topics, and will be posting a bit more as soon as Read more…

Creative Commons


Seems like the volcano gods have stayed their hand, so I’ll be away in Geneva next week attending the Fifth Session of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) at WIPO on behalf of Creative Commons. Will blog and tweet accordingly depending on internet availability.


In Costa Rica

I’m in Costa Rica for the rest of the month. Why am I away? As the always excellent PhD comic accurately comments, nobody in academia works in December: Now, where did I put the suntan lotion?


On the road

I’m in Curitiba, Brazil, jet-lagged and living off Guarana energy drinks. William Gibson mentions in Pattern Recognition that jet-lag happens when your soul is trying to catch up with you. I suspect mine to be somewhere over the Atlantic at this moment. I used to love travelling, going places, meeting Read more…


Travel and "open" wifi

It’s been quiet here in TechnoLlama for a while after knit-gate and the story about gold spammer executions being picked up by the always excellent Terra Nova. I am now off to Brazil for a conference, and as a reluctant traveller and Internet addict I am always very interested in Read more…



I attended a workshop on Friday in Turin, where I was attending the COMMUNIA workshop entitled Technology and the Public Domain. COMMUNIA is a European thematic network funded under the Econtentplus framework, which “aims at becoming a European point of reference for theoretical analysis and strategic policy discussion of existing Read more…


On leave

I’m spending December in the beautiful and sunny Costa Rica, so expect fewer posts than usual. Normal service will resume in January.


State of Play V

I’m in Singapore for State of Play V, which concludes a self-indulgent week of buffing-up my research into games and virtual worlds in preparation for next month’s Gikii 2. I’ve just come from a dinner where we were shown a documentary on businesses in Second Life, following the rise of Read more…