I love April’s Fools, the mischievous nature of some jokes played over the years always manages to bring a small smile to my face. Here are this year’s Top 5:

xkcd in 3D. The entire xkcd catalogue converted to 3D!

Spotify closes European operations to fund its US incursion. This one was so good because it was actually believable.

YouTube is 100. Want to see what was viral in 1911? Flughorn cats and an ancient version of the Rick Roll.

Gmail Motion. Now you can use Kinect and similar devices to read your email. Not Google’s best joke ever, but still pretty good.

The Guardian embraces monarchy. While not strictly technology-related, the page became a huge web success for The Grauniad, and their Live Blog was a thing of beauty.

Honorable mention:

Linux kernel to be released under BSD licence. This has to be the nerdiest April’s Fools joke ever.

Do you have any favourites?

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