Some pretty good gags this year. IPKat reported that WIPO is about to launch a probe… into space. Wired had a collection of old classics (did you know that dihydrogen monoxide can kill?). Harry Potter fan websites The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet merged after their editors got married at Edinburgh Castle. The resulting site was The Leaky Mug. Some gaming magazine announced Halo 3 and got gamers hearts racing. The Economist claimed that you could buy your own pet dragon.

Google continued with its tradition as one of the best online pranksters with the release of Google Romance. According to the press release, “Google Romance users who find one another via Soulmate Search™ may then select the Contextual Dating option, which offers an all-expenses-paid romantic evening in exchange for viewing contextually relevant advertising throughout the course of the users’ date (learn more). ” And you’ll live happily, and contextually, ever after.

There is a full list at Wikipedia.


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