Virtual Worlds with commercial toy tie-ins may be bad for kids. This seems to be the message by Lord Puttnam in his opening address to the Virtual Worlds Forum in London (which unfortunately I’m not attending). He seems troubled by the ethical implications of virtual worlds designed specifically for small kids.

I seem to be this premise repeated often in debates regarding new technologies. Paraphrasing something I heard at a conference recently (I can’t remember who said it), all technologies that come into being before you are 18 years-old are part of the natural order of things. All technologies that come into being when you are between 18-35 can be adopted and learnt. All technologies invented after you are 35 are the work of the devil and must be banned.



Zalo · March 15, 2013 at 2:55 am

Virtual worlds for children are not bad at all. I would know i'm 11.They are 100% good for them. I would know i'm a child and for example I play: Free Realms, Animal Jam, Wolf Quest, Feral Heart, Poptropica, Fly Like a Bird 3, Lif,used to play Webkinz, Mine Craft, and much more so when people try to get me on a new game I already play it! ^-^ But the whole time i'm playing I am having fun and sometimes I learn things about animals but thats most likely on Animal Jam. So virtual worlds are not bad for kids and don't take this information from an adult because how would they know! Lol. So yes kids enjoy virtual worlds and I think all parents want joy for their children. ^-^ Oh and I also play The Endless Forest.


juzshutup · January 12, 2015 at 6:55 am

wow and now we are at tht.well yes there are merits n demerits but come on does all this really matter?children hav fun wen dey play onlyn.what are you a magician to change th minds of kids?what if i said to u tht blinkin ur eyes was a bad thing?well u would disagree.can i change ur mind now?nope.well neithr can u.

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