Opening Session: Very good opening session. The highlights for me were Joi Ito, who has been speaking on the many different technical things in which we can make sure that Creative Commons works from a business perspective. Gilberto Gil has amazed the audience with a pasionate speech about the importance of CC as a tool to grant the widest possible content to the widest amount of people, and has obtained the loudest ovation of the day.

The international affiliates session: This was actually quite heated workshop. We had presentations from Mia Garlick, Mike Linksvayer, Heather Ford and Christianne Henckel. They tried to explain the changes on the international structure of the movement. iCommons is a new brand for promoting the movement, International Creative Commons deals with new licences, and the Creative Commons brand will remain, but if I understood it correctly, the name will remain for the United States, while all international affiliates will have to use the iCommons brand. This created a bit of problems.

Session on Collecting Societies: The meatiest legal session, as there have been several conflicts already between CC and collecting agencies in Spain and Australia. Could there be some technical solutions? Perhaps some click-wrap opt-in option for users where people in automated colledcting agencies could highlight if something is under a CC licence. Maybe not. There will be a complete drafting report on this subject. Ther have been several meetings between some naitonal CC leads and local collecting societies to keep them informed of the movement, and that we are not a “threat”.


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