With the publication today of the first issue of the 10th volume of SCRIPTed – A Journal of Law, Technology & Society, we mark 10 9 years of this open access experiment. Every four months I clear 3 entire days in my schedule to format and upload the excellent content that the hard-working editors send me. Looking back at the 10 volumes fills me with the type of pride that fathers must feel. The quality of the content continues unabated, and it is a testament of the amazing job that now hundreds of postgraduate students and staff at the University of Edinburgh have put to make the journal reach this milestone.

May it continue to accumulate great content accessible to all.

In this issue:

(2013) 10:1 SCRIPTed 1-139

Issue DOI: 10.2966/scrip.100113


  • Post-mortem Privacy
    Nayha Sethi


  • Post Mortem Privacy
    Lilian Edwards, pp.1-6
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Dedicated Section on Post Mortem Privacy

  • Access to the Digital Self in Life and Death: Privacy in the Context of Posthumously Persistent Facebook Profiles
    Elaine Kasket, pp.7-18
    | HTML | PDF |
  • Does the EU Data Protection Regime Protect Post-Mortem Privacy and What Could Be The Potential Alternatives?
    Edina Harbinja
    , pp.19-38
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  • Private But Eventually Public: Why Copyright in Unpublished Works Matters in the Digital Age
    Damien McCallig, pp.39-56
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  • Disaster Victim Identification in the Information Age: The Use Of Personal Data, Post-Mortem Privacy and the Rights of the Victim’s Relatives
    Jan Bikker
    , pp.57-76
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Reviewed Articles

  • Public Service Broadcasters or Government Mouthpieces – An Appraisal Of Public Service Broadcasting in Botswana
    Tachilisa Badala Balule, pp.77-92
    | HTML | PDF |
  • Enhancing Data Protection and Data Processing in the Public Sector: The Critical Role of Proportionality and the Public Interest
    Gillian Black and Leslie Stevens, pp.93-122
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  • Privacy From Birth To Death And Beyond: European And American Perspectives. Symposium Report
    Dr. Ciara Hackett  and Ursula Connolly, pp.123-128
    | HTML | PDF |

Book Reviews

  • A Human Right to Participate in the Information Society
    By Alan McKenna
    Reviewed by Mariona Rosell Llorens
    , pp.129-132
    | HTML | PDF |
  • Exclusions From Patentability 
    By Sigrid Sterckx and Julian Cockbain (ed)
    Reviewed by Maureen O’Sullivan
    | HTML | PDF |
  • Individualism and Collectiveness in Intellectual Property Law 
    By Jan Rosen (ed)
    Reviewed by Tania Sebastian
    , pp.136-139
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