(2008) 5:3 SCRIPTed 449-629


  • Artificial Intelligence
    Rebecca Junkin


  • AI & Law on Legal Argument: Research Trends and Application Prospects
    Henry Prakken, pp.449-454

Reviewed Articles

  • Os Novos Meios de Tutela Preventiva dos Direitos de Propriedade Intelectual no Direito Português (The New Means of Preventive Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Portuguese Law)
    Miguel Lourenço Carretas, pp.455-481


  • Describing Identity Fraud: Towards a Common Definition
    Bald de Vries, Jet Tigchelaar & Tina van der Linden, pp.482-500
  • Regulating Patent Offices: Countering Pharmaceutical Hegemony
    Peter Drahos, pp.501-514

  • Potency, Patenting and Preformation: The Patentability of Totipotent Cells in Canada
    Gregory R. Hagen, pp.515-552
  • The Right to Privacy in the Information Era: A South Asian

    Althaf Marsoof, pp.553-574



  • Medical Research Governance in Korea: The New Bioethics
    and Biosafety Amendment Bill (Draft 17-8353), or ‘Inertia
    Shawn H.E. Harmon and Na-Kyoung Kim, pp.575-582


  • Patentability of Biological Material(s) – Essentially, Therapeutic Antibodies – in India
    Swarup Kumar, pp.583-593



    • Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law (NRCCL)
      Dag Wiese Schartum, pp.594-599


  • The ESRC Centre for Social and Economic Research on
    Innovation in Genomics (Innogen)
    David Wield, pp.600-605


Book Reviews

    • Rights, Regulation And Technological Revolution
      By Roger Brownsword
      Reviewed by Nupur Chowdhury
      , pp.606-609


  • Human Rights And Healthcare
    By Elizabeth Wicks
    Reviewed by Octavio L M Ferraz
    , 610-613



  • Gene Patents And Public Health
    By Geertrui Van Overwalle (ed)
    Reviewed by Shawn Harmon
    , pp.614-618



  • Intellectual Property: The Many Faces Of The Public Domain
    By Charlotte Waelde and Hector MacQueen (eds)
    Reviewed by Mathias Klang
    , pp.619-622



  • Fundamentals Of Patent Law: Interpretation And Scope Of

    By Matthew Fisher
    Reviewed by Krishna Ravi Srinivas
    , 623-625



  • Medical Ethics And Medical Law: A Symbiotic Relationship
    By José Miola
    Reviewed by Alexios Tattis
    , 626-629



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