The December 2010 Issue of SCRIPTed, a journal of law and technology, has been released. In this issue:


  • Mapping The Coverage Of Neuroimaging Research, Timothy Caulfield Christen Rachul, Amy Zarzeczny, Henrik Walter, pp.421-428

Reviewed Articles

  • Human Genetic Manipulation and the Right to Identity: The Contradictions of Human Rights Law in Regulating the Human Genome, Norberto Nuno Gomes de Andrade, pp.429-452
  • Human Gene Patents and Genetic Testing in Europe: A Reappraisal, Naomi Hawkins, pp.453-473
  • Falling Through the Cracks: the Problem of Granting Software Patents, Eugenia Georgiades, pp.474-496
  • El derecho de desistimiento en el ámbito de la contratación electrónica realizada en España (The right of withdrawal in the field of Spanish electronic procurement), David López Jiménez, Fernando Barrio, pp.497-514
  • The Protection of Workers Exposed to Nanoparticles: Reflections on European and Italian Soft and Binding Regulations, Maria Giovanna Mattarolo, Alessia Muratorio, pp.515-531
  • Colonial Copyright, Postcolonial Publics: The Berne Convention and the 1967 Stockholm Diplomatic Conference Revisited , Eva Hemmungs Wirtén, pp.532-550


  • Liability Issues In Personalised Medicine: A Comparative Perspective, Giorgia Guerra, pp.551-561
  • Latest Software Patent Law Developments in the US and EU, Perttu Virtanen, pp.562-567


  • Script International Roundtable Workshop: Open Science & Stem Cell Technology, Carol George, pp.568-573
  • The interdisciplinary approach to emerging technologies: an Italian academic initiative, Giorgia Guerra, pp.574-577

Book Reviews

  • Net Neutrality: Towards A Co-Regulatory Solution, By Christopher T. Marsden. Reviewed by Ray Corrigan, pp.578-583
  • Nanopoems? A Review of 100 Poems, By SS Prasad. Reviewed by Shawn HE Harmon and Yolande Stolte, pp.584-585
  • The Current State Of Domain Name Regulation: Domain Names As Second-Class Citizens In A Mark-Dominated World, By Konstantinios Komaitis. Reviewed by Anan Shawqi Younes, pp.586-588


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