Issue 8-2 of SCRIPTed, a journal of Law and Technology, is now online. This issue has a distinct emphasis on medical technologies, particularly issues around neuro-imaging:


  • Twitter Chip, Simon Biggs, pp.120-123

Reviewed Articles   

  • Does Technology Trump Intellectual Property?: Re-framing the Debate About Regulating New Technologies, Michael Anthony C. Dizon, pp.124-137
  • Arguments in Considering the Similarity of Algorithms in Patenting, Kenneth Oksanen, Perttu Virtanen, Eljas Soisalon-Soininen, Jukka Kemppinen, pp.138-153
  • Liability of Internet Intermediaries: a Slippery Slope? Maurice Schellekens, pp.154-174
  • Ethical Implications of Brain Imaging in Psychosis and Psychopathy, Emma Sprooten, Louise Robinson and Stephen M Lawrie, pp.175-183
  • Responsibility and the Automaticity Threat, Tillman Vierkant, pp.184-191


  • India’s new Data Protection Legislation, Raghunath Ananthapur, pp.192-203
  • Brain imaging, the legal process and neurofantasy; can it be cured (by applying the principles of evidence – based medicine)? Peter Sandercock and Joanna Wardlaw, pp.204-211


  • Phase I Report of Implanted Smart Technologies Project, Shawn H E Harmon, pp.212-222

Book Reviews     

  • Innovation and Liabilityin Biotechnology: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives, By Stuart J. Smyth, A. Bryan Endres, Thomas P. Redick and Drew L. Kershe. Reviewed by Kathryn Pickard, pp.223-225
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