• After Marper: Two Readings,
    Two Responses

    Roger Brownsword , pp.1-3| HTML |

Reviewed Articles

  • Virtual Worlds As A New Game Theoretic Model For
    International Law: The Case Of Bilateral Investment Treaties
    Peter S Jenkins, pp.4-32| HTML |
  • New Technology and Researchers’ Access to Court and
    Tribunal Information: the need for European analysis

    Philip Leith and Maeve McDonagh, pp.33-56| HTML|
  • Patent Protection for Second and Further Medical Uses Under
    the European Patent Convention

    Eddy D Ventose, pp.57-74 | HTML |
  • The APEC Asia-Pacific Privacy Initiative – A New Route To
    Effective Data Protection Or A Trojan Horse For Self-Regulation?

    Nigel Waters, pp.75-89 | HTML |
  • Social Contract for the Internet Community? Historical and
    Philosophical Theories as Basis for the Inclusion of Civil
    Society in Internet Governance?

    Rolf H. Weber and Romana Weber, pp.90-105| HTML |


  • The German Constitutional Court on the Right in
    Confidentiality and Integrity of Information Technology Systems
    – a case report on BVerfG, NJW 2008, 822
    Wiebke Abel and Burkhard Schafer, pp.106-123 | HTML |
    Conquering the Tower of e-Discovery Babel: New Age
    Discovery for the 21st Century
    Daniel B. Garrie and Maureen Duffy-Lewis, pp.124-131 | HTML |
  • The Fog over the Grimpen Mire: Cloud Computing and the

    Miranda Mowbray, pp.132-146 | HTML |
  • Nanotechnology – New Challenges for Patent Law?
    Herbert Zech, pp.147-154 | HTML |


  • So What are Sports’ Legal Rights and Wrongs? Report of
    the AHRC SCRIPT Murrayfield Discussions
    Abbe E. L. Brown, pp.155-159| HTML |
  • Governance of New Technologies: The Transformation of
    Medicine, Information Technology and Intellectual Property.
    Final Conference Report
    Shawn H.E. Harmon and Wiebke Abel, pp.160-170 | HTML |

Book Reviews

    • Parallel Trade in Europe: Intellectual Property, Competition and
      Regulatory Law
      By Christopher Stothers
      Reviewed by Colm Brannigan
      , pp.171-174 | HTML |
    • Governance And Information Technology: From Electronic Government To
      Information Government

      By Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and David Lazer (eds)
      Reviewed by Catherine Heeney
      , 175-178 | HTML |
    • Gringras On The Laws Of The Internet
      By Clive Gringras and Elle Todd; and
      Jurisdiction And The Internet: Regulatory Competence Over Online Activity
      By Uta Kohl
      Both reviewed by Daithí Mac Síthigh
      , pp.179-181 | HTML |
    • International Domain Name Law: ICANN And The UDRP
      By David Lindsay
      Reviewed by Cédric Manara
      , pp.181-183 | HTML |


  • Self-Regulation In Cyberspace
    By Jeanne Pia Mifsud Bonnici
    Reviewed by Thomas J. McIntyre
    , 184-187 | HTML |



  • Information Technology Law
    By Ian J. Lloyd
    Reviewed by Shefalika Ghosh Samaddar
    , 188-193 | HTML |




imatfaal · May 4, 2009 at 3:53 am

Hi there! any idea what has happened to law.ed.ac.uk? I read SCRIPTed a few weeks ago – went back there for some references and whole site seems to be down.


Andres · May 4, 2009 at 3:55 am

The entire law.ed.ac.uk domain has been down since Friday, and I have no idea why.

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