The latest issue of SCRIPTed is now online. Here are the contents:

– The Adelphi Charter; John Howkins.

Special Feature
– Intellectual Property, Competition and Human Rights: the past, the present and the future; Abbe Brown and Charlotte Waelde.
– Intellectual Property Rights, Competition Policy and Innovation: Is There a Problem? Paul A. Geroski.
– The Interface Between Intellectual Property Rights and Competition in Developed Countries; Valentine Korah.
– Human Rights and Competition Law: Possible Impact of the Proposed EU Constitution; Neil MacCormick.
– Towards Utopia or Irreconcilable Tensions? Thoughts on Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Competition Law; Hector L MacQueen.
– HUMAN RIGHTS-Relevant Considerations in respect of IP and Competition Law; E.S. Nwauche.

Peer-reviewed articles
– Socially responsible intellectual property: a solution? Abbe E. L. Brown.
– Of Otakus and Fansubs: A Critical Look at Anime Online in Light of Current Issues in Copyright Law; Jordan S. Hatcher.

Book Reviews
– Human Rights in the Digital Age; Mathias Klang and Andrew Murray (eds). Reviewed by Nicholas J Gervassis.
– The Data Protection Directive and Medical Research across Europe; Deryck Beyleveld, David Townend, Ségolène Rouillé-Mirza and Jessica Wright (eds). Reviewed by Jane Kay.
– A Handbook on the GATS Agreement; World Trade Organization. Reviewed by Christine Riefa.


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