Poor movie producers. Poor George Lucas. BitTorrent threatens the very existence of filmmakers when evil internet pirates download their movie. Yeah, right.

Star Wars Episode III has come out (I loved it by the way), and it has made an astounding $158.4M in 4 days! This is now the weekend record, shattering Spiderman 2’s opening weekend. Yet, we are asked by movie executives to feel bad, feels sorry, there’s a disturbance in The Force. Some people have released pirated versions of the movie online, and they are being sold everywhere! Adequately, some people are asking themselves so what? Star Wars will still make gazillions and George Lucas will not have to beg on the streets. I mean, the MPIAA and their ilk really must think that we are stupid. “Beware!” they tell us. “Here is the largest blockbuster movie of all time, it will make everyone involved very rich, but there’s a 17 year-old downloading the movie somewhere, this is theft and it must be stopped at all cost!”


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