Report urges copyright law reform

The Institute for Public Policy Research has published a report asking for a reform of UK copyright law to accommodate the digital age and the MP3 generation. The problem pointed out in the research is that the UK does not have any private copying provision in its legislation, and there is no broad right such as fair use in the United States. This means that millions of users infringe copyright every day when they rip their CDs and copy them into their iPods.

I count myself as one of those who knowingly infringe copyright law every day, with my iPod, so any calls for reform must be welcome. What good is legislation that is flaunted every single day by commuters everywhere?

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  1. Every time I play a CD using RealPlayer, it offers to copy the contents on to my computer. I assume that RealPlayer is kindly helping me to take advantage of the US home-library exception, but I'm in the UK and it's not very legal here is it?

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