Poland has saved Europe once more from the proposed software patent directive. The item was to be viewed as an A-item in the Agriculture and Fisheries agenda, but Poland has once more opposed its inclusion there. The official Polish statement reads:

“In regard to the news about the possible inclusion of the item concerning the Directive on the Patentability Computer-Implemented Inventions in the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries on the 24th of January, 2005, the European Committee of the Council of Ministers noted on the meeting on the 21st of January that the work on the final position of Poland on the issue has not yet been completed. On account of that, the European Committee has decided that the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Poland to the European Union will make a request to the Presidency not to include that item in the Agenda of the EU Council Meeting. If the Luxembourg Presidency includes the draft of the aforementioned directive in the agenda, Poland will request its withdrawal and postponement until the end of the necessary analyses being conducted by Poland.”

What new devilry will the guys at the Commission device next? I would venture that a Balrog may be brought next to push the proposal forward.


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