Confessions of an open access editor

Since 2004 I have been the technical editor of SCRIPTed, the open access journal of Law and Technology published by the SCRIPT Centre in Edinburgh. This involvement has survived all other Edinburgh-related commitments, and has become one of the most rewarding aspects of my academic life. Every four months I […]

SCRIPTed December 2011

The new issue of SCRIPTEd is now online. (2011) 8:3 SCRIPTed 226-339 Issue DOI: 10.2966/scrip.080311 Cover Crystals Editorial Law Meets Biology: Are Our Databases Eligible For Legal Protection? | HTML | PDF | Michele Oliva and Marcelo Corrales, pp.226-228 The authors look at the interaction the European Database Directive, existing […]

Cyberpunk 2.0

I am currently reading REAMDE, Neal Stephenson’s latest novel, and although I am still going through the initial pages (I am savouring it as I do most of Stephenson’s work), and it already has me thinking about new trends in literature. Cyberpunk is a well-defined post-modern sub-genre within science fiction, […]

The PC is not dead

This is a response to Johnathan Zittrain’s article entitled, surprisingly, The Personal Computer is Dead. I say surprisingly because the title is a bit deceiving, and the content has little to do with the death of the PC as such, 98% of the piece is spent talking about Apple’s closed […]

ECJ’s Advocate General favours interoperability in Europe

Long-time readers may remember the interesting case of SAS Institute v World Programming (my analysis here), an important software interoperability decision in the UK that got referred to the European Court of Justice. The case sets SAS, one of the biggest business software giants, against a UK software company that […]

European Court of Justice rules against indiscriminate intermediary filtering

For more than a year, those of us interested in intermediary liability have been waiting for an important Belgian case, Saban v Tiscali (now Sabam v Scarlet). This has been a long-running battle between Sabam, the Belgian rights management agency representing authors, composers and editors of musical works, and Tiscali, […]

Creative Commons statement on the public domain at WIPO

This is a short statement I read at the 8th session of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property at WIPO while discussing the excellent report by Prof. Severine Dussolier entitled “Scoping Study on Copyright and Related Rights and the Public Domain” (CDIP/7/INF/2). As we made clear in our general […]