Groklaw reports that Novell has filed an anti-trust suit against Microsoft regarding WoprdPerfect. The filing states that:

By reason of Microsoft’s anticompetitive acts, WordPerfect’s share of the word processing market, which was nearly 50 percent in 1990, fell to approximately 30 percent in 1994, and to less than 10 percent by the time Novell sold WordPerfect and the related applications in 1996. Over the same period of time, and due to the same anticompetitive acts, Microsoft Word’s share of the word processing market rose from less than 20 percent prior to 1990 to a monopoly share of approximately 90 percent by 1996.”

This is a very interesting case, but it seems like Microsoft is immune to these sorts of attacks. In 2000 it looked like their anticompetitive days were over, but then a certain Texan was elected president, and all changed.


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