eXeem is a new P2P application that was created in the wake of the shutting down of the SuprNova bitorrent website. This new technology marries the speed and capabilities of Bitorrent with the relative anonymity and decentralization of P2P.

However, eXeem is said to come with spyware, so a new and lite version of the software has been created, eXeem Lite. Could this be the perfect downloading application at last? Technollama will download and install it, all in the name of accurate reporting and for strict educational purposes.

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Andrew Ducker · January 27, 2005 at 1:14 pm

To be honest, I'm not that interested. Bittorrent + decentralisation = eMule.Oh, and they pretty much bought the suprnova name – it's not actually anything to do with the supernova people, and apparently the protocol isn't much like BitTorrent.

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