LimeWire has replied to the RIAA suit against them with a countersuit. LimeWire has issued its answer to the plaintiff’s claim, and have counter-sued. The document makes an interesting argument against the RIAA’s anti-competitive practices. The main claim is that the RIAA has been operating as a cartel by promoting iMesh, which has been sanctioned as the only “legal” P2P service. As many other services, iMesh began life as the average illegal P2P service, but it is now one of the RIAA’s most valued possessions. According to LimeWire, the music industry representatives operate as a competition-busting cartel, whose sole existence is to remove potential competitors from the market.

While the argument seems rather weak to me, I admit that I do not know enough of American anti-trust law to make an educated comment, so I am reduced to mindless cheering. Go LimeWire, Go!

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